Feds: B.C. mines won’t go before international commission


“The department, in responoce to our inquiry, says it’s concerned about British Columbia mining’s impacts on Alaskans, including Native groups, commercial fishermen and the tourism industry. It added that it had shared those concerns with senior levels of Canada and British Columbia’s governments.

But State Department officials say they do not anticipate referring the issue to the International Joint Commission at this time. Instead, they’re relying on increased cooperation between Alaska and British Columbia.”

We have this successful transboundary organization, the IJC, why does the federal government refuse to use?

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Concerned Alaska Native, First Nation representatives attend Seabridge Gold annual meeting – Alaska Journal of Commerce – Breaking News 2015 – Anchorage, AK


“We’ve come to Toronto to ask Seabridge whether it will publicly support an International Joint commission review,” Olsen said in a press release. “We’re deeply concerned about the unprecedented downstream risks to our people, who rely on the health of our rivers for their livelihoods. As with the Pebble Mine, the long-term risks outweigh the rewards.”

Mining project in British Columbia will impact tribal lands an rivers and livelihood …..possible IJC review. Touch on link to read more.

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Yesterday’s sunrise Haida Gwaii off coast of British Columbia

Sunrise as seen from Haida Gwaii

Yesterday’s sunrise from Haida Gwaii Mar 08, 2013 by Chris Comfort

A molten sun bubbles up from the Pacific Ocean.

Photo by EarthSky Facebookfriend Mary Helmer. EarthSky Facebook friend Mary Helmer photographed this fantastic sunrise on March 7, 2013 from Haida Gwaii – “islands of the people” – an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Thank you for sharing this great shot, Mary!