How do you feel about cold weather?

The silence is almost unbearable. The cold, the silent snow flakes falling. Even though now spring approaches, I feel the deafening effect of the cold. It lingers even as the sun rise shifts. The moon rises earlier and earlier. I feel the shift. Sun breaks through my bedroom window earlier now. Sun sets later now. But the cold still lingers. Shed the layers of warmth I needed for months now. Not only a shift in seasons but now a paradign shift. The whole country is shifting too. Not just the seasons but also the culture. I feel a wave of acceptance and hope for the future. The haze is lifting. I can almost see my future or at least the hope of a future. The hope of one after my love, the love of my life has died and left me to figure it all out on my own. He believed in me. I believe in me. For some reason I keep waking up, morning after morning. I still have a life to live. Seasons to experience… one after another as God created. Ain’t life grand?

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