10 great songs dropped from Grateful Dead live shows


“With Pigpen’s death came a permanent abandonment of ‘Mr. Charlie’. There were rumours that Pigpen was potentially going to work on a solo album in his later years and ‘Mr. Charlie’ would have made a great addition. Garcia lamented the fact that the band never recorded the song in 1993, saying: “I thought ‘Mr Charlie’ was a great tune. I’m sorry we never got a chance to do that one in the studio.” Tyler Goslin

Social Security Reserves Projected to Run Out Earlier Than Expected – The Wall Street Journal.

Social Security Reserves Projected to Run Out Earlier Than Expected https://www.wsj.com/articles/social-security-reserves-projected-to-run-out-earlier-than-previously-forecast-60932de5

“Social Security won’t have enough money to pay all beneficiaries the amount they are entitled to starting in 2034, according to the latest report by the program’s trustees. Unless Congress takes action to shore up the program, beneficiaries would receive about 80% of their scheduled benefits after that point.” According to Dave Harrison WSJ

Tenure, academic freedom, free speech

“Academic freedom cannot be a privilege of those who only espouse prevailing views but a protected right of all faculty,” the Academic Freedom Alliance wrote in July to the university’s president, M. Elizabeth Magill, arguing that the school should end the process to sanction Professor Wax.” https://nyti.ms/3Lfuxbt

But for many students, her public speech, which often mixes public policy with insulting broadsides, is the point.

Students have asked: Aren’t these statements relevant to her performance in the classroom? Don’t they show the potential for bias? And does this professor, and this speech, deserve the protection of tenure?”

These are timeless, and yet timely questions about free speech and unpopular views.