Cold rain and snow

What is your favorite type of weather?

Love the winters here in NY. I am a weather junkie. Always have been. Growing up in Memphis on the Mississippi River, weather was always happening. Mostly remember the hot wet summers but we would also get ice in the winter or spring. Maybe even a snow! Here in NY, the Catskill Mountains, on top of Old Clump, winter, fall, spring and summer are magical. Seems like it snows every day in the winter. This year. January was whether dry but END OF January and March have made up for it. We have a micro environment here. We get the end of the “Lake effect” snow and more. More rain and ice this year. Climate change is noticeable. Can’t deny it. Will see what spring and summer brings.

NYTimes: In the Gun Law Fights of 2023, a Need for Experts on the Weapons of 1791

In the Gun Law Fights of 2023, a Need for Experts on the Weapons of 1791

By Shawn Hubler NYT

Lawyers are turning to historians as they comb through Colonial-era statutes to litigate modern gun laws.

“Gun historians across the country are in demand like never before as lawyers must now comb through statutes drafted in the Colonial era and the early years of the Republic to litigate modern firearms restrictions. From experts on military gun stamping to scholars of American homicide through the ages, they have been called — many for the first time — to parse the nation’s gun culture in court.”

“Cases now explore weapons bans in early saloons, novelty air rifles on the Lewis and Clark expedition, concealed carry restrictions on bowie knives and 18th-century daggers known as “Arkansas toothpicks,” and a string-operated “trap gun” that may or may not be comparable to an AR-15.”

60 Years Later, Gideon’s Legacy Lives On | United States Courts

“Clarence Earl Gideon, a Florida drifter who spent time in and out of prisons for nonviolent crimes, was an unlikely individual to help redefine a criminal defendant’s right to counsel 60 years ago in the Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright. Public Defense Week and National Public Defender Day, which occur March 18, commemorate the landmark case and the vital work of public defense lawyers.”