Senators urge Kerry to fight Lake Huron nuke waste dump

US and Canadian governments must petition International Joint Commission ( IJC) to mitigate matter of building nuclear waste dump near Lake Huron.
According to the Daily Tribune: 

“US. Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin are pushing Secretary of State John Kerry to fight the Canadian government’s plan to build a huge nuclear waste dump near the Lake Huron shoreline.”

‘Site will be located in Kincardine Ontario less than mile from lake shore north of Blue in Port Huron.’

“Numerous local officials in Michigan and Ontario have come together to oppose the proposed site, but Stabenow and Levin are hoping to make the plan an international issue. In a letter to Kerry, their former colleague, the two Democratic senators warned the potential of a spill or contamination could devastate the Great Lakes $7 billion dollar fishing industry, hurt the overall Michigan economy and severely damage environmentally sensitive areas.”

‘Michigan law prohibits disposing of low-level nuclear waste within 10 miles of shoreline.’

“The plan calls for burial of 7 million cubic feet of nuclear waste, much of which will be transported by water on the Great Lakes, in the “deep geological depository.”

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