Energy, Water, and Irrigation | WIP

We often forget how important water is and than it is also needed to generate electricity. An excerpt from Colorado’s water information program newsletter:

“The link between energy and water use tis often referred to as the energy-water nexus. Consider some of the following energy and water related statistics:
·         It takes at least one gallon of water to create one kWh of electricity.
·         It takes from one gallon of water per gallon of oil to get it out of the earth to 350 gallons of water per gallon of oil when it is harder to find.
·         Burning coal and oil = 1-2 gallons/kWh. Hydroelectric = 18 gallons/kWh.
·         Burn a 60W bulb 12hrs/day = 3,000-6,300 gallons of water/year
·         Central air conditioner @ 12 hrs/day = up to 16,800 gallons of water/year.
·         In California, 20% of energy in the state is used to move water and 49% of water is used to create energy.
By now, most of us know that agricultural irrigation accounts for 75-90% of water diverted or pumped, both globally and in the U.S. The majority (62%) of U.S. irrigation uses older, center pivot technology. operating characteristics of traditional center pivots versus mid- and low-elevation spray applications are….”

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