Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement updated

Public comment on role of international Joint Commission’s in implementing latest revision of GLWQA 2012. Here is IJC press release:

TRAVERSE CITY, MI (AP)–   A U.S.-Canadian agency is inviting the public to comment on the role it will play under an updated agreement between the two nations to protect the Great Lakes. 

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement was first signed in 1972. The latest version was approved last year. It’s designed to guide both federal governments as they devise policies to deal with threats such as algae blooms, toxic pollution and invasive species.

The agreement instructs an organization called the International Joint Commission to create two boards that will provide advice on carrying out the accord, which commits the U.S. and Canada to restore the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the waters.

Comments on the functions, structure and membership of the two boards are being accepted through July 24.

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