IJC RFP For Lake Erie Nutrient Runoff Engagement

The International Joint Commission’s (IJC’s) Great Lakes Regional Office (GLRO) is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for anticipated services of a qualified contractor to conduct a study in the Lake Erie basin to support binational efforts to engage farmers, lake shoreline residents, and urban residents to implement best management practices to reduce nutrient runoff to Lake Erie. The study will analyze barriers to and incentives for participation in nutrient runoff reduction initiatives and use a social marketing strategy to encourage implementation of best management practices for nutrient runoff reduction.
    The RFP is open to all teams of researchers, consultants and contractor(s), colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies where the lead investigators normally reside in Canada or the United States. Experience in statistical research, social marketing and project management is highly desired. Subject to the availability of funds, IJC contemplates an award of a single-award, firm fixed price contract with an estimated Period of Performance of 16 months to obtain the results described in the statement of work. The Maximum sum of the contract awarded under a Fixed Price Contract is anticipated not to exceed $130,000 USD. Questions and requests for clarifications regarding the RFP must be submitted no later than 5 PM on Friday, June 14, 2013. The closing date for the RFP is June 28, 2013.


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