Chinese Political Will to Clean up Water and Rivers lacking

A river in Rui'an, Zhejiang province, China

Gu Yongqiang explores the technology of remediation, quality of water and rivers, and the will of the people and politicians to make their waters “Boatable, fishable swimmable, drinkable” again. From my studies on the IJC and other organizations the key ingredient to getting anything done in politics is political will. This is lacking with many macro goals, e.g., finding clean energy, prevention of starvation worldwide, elevating the quality of life for many suffering in the world today, providing clean drinking water around the world. Here is a blurb from Tim Haab and a link to “In China You Don’t Dare Swim in much less Drink the Water” by

Tim Haab writes:

Boatable, fishable, swimmable, drinkable?

Local environmentalists say that China has enough money and technological prowess to clean up its rivers. The missing ingredient for an environmental campaign? Official motivation. Local governments depend on polluting factories to buoy local economies; local bureaucrats know their promotions are contingent on keeping growth rates high. Still, Chinese citizens are no longer sated simply by economic advancement and have taken to Weibo to express their dissatisfaction.

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