MV Lyubov Orlova reappears after adrift for 2 months

MV Lyubov Orlova reappears 1300 klm from Ireland after being adrift for 2 months. She had been docked on coast of Newfoundland for last couple of years amd recently bought by Neptune Enterprises for scrape. She disappeared in the North Atlantic while being towed.

She was built as Lyubovy Orlova is a 1976 Yugoslavia-built ice-strengthened Mariya Yermolova class cruise ship. Once known for Antarctic cruises, the ship made headlines after it was abandoned dockside in St. John’s, Newfoundland and then became a floating derelict in the North Atlantic Ocean in 2013.

Lyubov Orlova was named after the Russian film star Lyubov Orlova. The ship was built for the Far East Shipping Company based in the Soviet Union. She served as an expedition cruise ship, like her equally unlucky sister MV Clipper Adventurer. Her hull was built to withstand impacts with ice, and she often sailed in Antarctica and the Arctic.

Lyubov Orlova was refurbished in 1999, and chartered by Marine Expeditions for cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula in 2000. She underwent extensive renovations in 2002 and was subsequently chartered by Quark Expeditions for the Antarctic and Cruise North Expeditions the Arctic.

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