Start me up!

This summer of 2012 is high season for political consultants. It will ramp up even more as the fall elections draw near. I chose a different route for the rest of 2012. Yes, I am following the polls and, like everyone else, avoiding political ads and paring through political commentary. No reason listen to those pundits I agree with and less reason to listen to those I disagree with! So shifting my sites to scholarly pursuit of editing and updating international and binational organizational success on ameliorating water boundary disputes. Maybe a peak into Green party seat wins too.

As elections are won and the newly elected take their seats in public office, the public has their say on certain topics. Some of these topics endure. Water quantity and quality remain important issues for the electorate and stakeholders – all that value this precious resource. This blog aims to ask questions, report facts, interview experts and expand the dialogue on water related controversies. Headquartered in the Catskill Mountains of New York in the Delaware water basin, the blogger will explore this region and other important watersheds. Join in the discussion and explore the very thing that makes life possible on earth – water.